5. Reports

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Store Manager allows you to work with a third-party program (Report Tool) for report developing and editing. Check User's Manual to learn more about this tool.

Reports section allows store owner to check all actions performed by the customers in an on-line store.

Custom Reports


There is no "name" field in the "virtuemart_userinfos" table in the VirtueMart version 3.2 and above. Therefore, for the correct work of the "Show shopper who bought selected products" report, you should follow these steps:

  • Go to c:\Users\[username]\AppData\Local\eMagicOne Store Manager for VirtueMart\Custom_SQL\
  • Open Show shoppers who bought selected products.sql
  • Then, comment (or delete) the rows shown on the illustration below:

By opening the Custom Reports section you will see the list of the available reports at the store, i.e.: delivery notes, the reports of the best results (customers, related products, sellers, most reviewed products etc), receipts of an order, bar-code labels, invoice and also the worse indicators such as worst-selling positions in the appropriate report.

Custom Reports list

To be able to preview the Report - use double-clicking on the selected variant or the option in the top toolbar to open the document as well:

Preview Report

Create Custom Report

Each report has two parts:

- Report template - it contains report layout information; the files of this part are in .fr3 format;

- Report queries - is stored in .sql files, it contains SQL queries to retrieve data required for the report.

Store Manager for VirtueMart Report section consists of the custom reports' list.

You may perform the following actions:

- add new report;

- modify existing ones;

- remove reports;

- create your own report.

Here is the step by step example of creating a Custom report.

Visual Query Builder

In order to create a new report you should click on ‘‘New report’ button and specify report name in the appropriate field.

Then you should specify one or more sql queries. You can open saved previously file with sql queries (1) or create new one - click on ‘Visual Query Builder’ button to simplify this task (2):

There are tables of your database in the right side of the window (1). Choose necessary tables and click twice on them with your mouse(2). Selected tables should be moved to the left side (3).

Check necessary raws of these tables. Visual query builder will create sql queries automatically (4).

You can add to your queries additional terms (aggregate, sort type, grouping etc) from the table below. All your additions will be displayed in the SQL queries at the bottom of the window.

Run Query

< - In order to check generated queries, press the button in the top of the window.

You can see data on the Result page, which the query has returned.

These results can also be exported into Excel by hitting "Export to Excel" button. Click on ‘OK’ button to proceed.

Report Designer

Report Designer - the second step of your report creation. After you've created query(ies), the report layout can be designed.

First of all, you should select data, which will be used in the report.

Select ‘Report’ tab in the ‘Designer’ toolbar, choose ‘Data...’ button from the drop-down menu,

check report dataset and press the [OK] button.

Your data will appear in the right side of the window. The basic objects, you'll most likely need to work with are:

“Band” object allows creation on a design page, of an area, which has definite behavior, according to it’s type.

“Text”object displays one or several text lines within the rectangular area.

Choose necessary bands from the designer toolbar. In order to create a simple report, you can select from the drop-down menu such bands as:

- Report Title,

- Page Header,

- Master Data and Page Footer.

Every band has its own meaning (value) .

Report Title consists of a title reports' name.

Page Header - shows columns’ names and lists.

MasterData attaches to database and contains data, that will be displayed in the report.

PageFooter consists of such information as current date and page number.

Text object

< - Choose from the toolbar [Text object] and moving the mouse cursor over the page, click again.

The object is inserted at the mouse position. The text editor window will be opened right away; if it does not appear automatically then double-click on the object with a mouse.

Type a report name in the ' Report Title' band and then click [OK] button.

Using the top toolbar, you can change the report title position, size and text color.

In 'Page Header' band via text object you can assign title names in your table data.

Enter the required headers for your Report, for example: List and Shopper Group:

In order to attach your dataset, click in the area of the "Master Data" field. The following window will appear:

In order to link the dataset fields with the "MasterData" band, you should follow the steps, that are shown on the image below:

Perform the same operation with the other text objects.

For the numeration of data, select the "Text" section and choose the "Variables" tab in the "Expression Editor" window.

Select from the "System variables" list the "Line#" object and press [OK]

System object

< - You can set current date and page number in your report. Choose "System text" from the toolbar and "System Memo" window will appear.

Select [DATE] from the drop-down of the "System variable" field.

Choose "'Master Data" in the "Data Band" field and your dataset in the "DataSet" field, then click [OK]

To set page number you should do the same as in the previous example, just select except Date [PAGE] value.

The report design is finished. To preview the report also select the File /Preview menu item option or click on the corresponding button in the toolbar:

In case you need some improvement or customization of the existing report - visit our Reports Service page directly from the current sector.

Order-Report-Development option

We are glad to offer our help and create Reports personally for you, according to following all your requirements and needs.

Please contact us today with a sample of your report and we'll provide you with estimated time and costs.

Consider to the following guide to get more information on the Report section in Store Manager for VirtueMart:

VirtueMart Reports