3. Products Management


This chapter describes how to manage products, VirtueMart product descriptions, upload product images, or remove products, manage VirtueMart options and much more.

Product management with Store Manager for VirtueMart is very simple. You have all necessary tools for adding products and you have no limitation in their number, number of their categories and subcategories.

The "Products" section shows you the list of products and their data organized in tables. You can arrange the way your products are displayed using filter by selected category, or show all grouped.

It is also very easy to make mass changes to your products using show all grouped filter as you can see all data at once. Helpful hints bring information you need to arrange your products view the way you need it.

Product grid in Store Manager for VirtueMart represents the list of existing at your store products and their child products. Press the arrow in the "ID" column to see the list of all available variants of the specific item.

Product Grid

Basic Operations (Add, Edit, Delete)

Please take into account!

Starting from the version of Store Manager for VirtueMart any general operation with the products you can cancel (recall) by pressing the 'Escape' key on the keyboard.

To perform basic operations you can use Products toolbar:

Or context menu:

In product context menu or toolbar, you can find the following features:

< - [Refresh] data forces product's list update. It is useful when you're changing connection or have any doubts like is the latest data displayed.

< - [Add new product] and [Add child product] call blank form, which is used to create a new item and values. Please see below for details.

< - To edit product details, double-click it or use the edit option. It calls the edit product form. You can change the VirtueMart product, option value, and price here.

< - You can [Delete] selected product from your store using corresponding options. Pay attention that you won't be able to undo delete from store product unless you've made a database backup.

< - Export product details to Excel/HTML/txt/xml/csv/xls/xlsx allows you to save data that you can see in the grid below into Excel or HTML or others files instantly.

< - To Adjust / Auto columns width use the corresponding icons.

Take a note, you can add the selected positions to eBay/Amazon/IceCat/PDF Catalog/QuickBooks listing directly from the Products page of Store Manager.

Just choose the products you want to use and attract the right-mouse clicking to launch the context menu with the necessary commands.

Addons Context Menu

Perform the actions in the following forms:

  • "Amazon Listing" - select the available listing from the provided ones or create new listing for the selected positions.

Amazon Listing

Press [OK] to save the changes.

  • "eBay Listing" - select listing from the existing ones or create additional listing for the highlighted products by pressing the button in the form:

eBay Listing

Press the [OK] button to confirm and save current updates.

  • [ICEcat] will open the Matching Products step of the ICEcat Synchronization process with the products you have chosen on the Products page.

Matching IceCat step

You can proceed with the synchronization by using the options of the addon.

  • PDF catalog - add selected items to the Catalog of the PDF Creator Addon:

Add products to PDF

You will see the products listing with the selected items which have been added to the catalog in PDF automatically.

  • QuickBooks Export - automatically forms the listing with the positions, highlighted on the Products page of Store Manager and opens on the "Export Preview Data" step of the Addon export operation :

Export Preview Data

< - You can assign selected product(s) to one or more categories of the store just a couple clicks of your mouse by using the [Assign Category] option.

There is the pop-up menu in Store Manager for VirtueMart that can quickly call one of the following operations:

Pop-Up Menu
Mass Product Changer form

< - The Mass Product Changer form.

Create order with selected products

< - The Point of Sale form to create an order with the selected positions.

Assign categories form

< - The form for categories assigning.

Delete selected products

< - Delete selected positions.

Check VirtueMart Product Custom Fields section to find out how to create product options and their values and assign them to products.