9. Access Management


Access Management in Store Manager for VirtueMart makes possible for users perform the certain operations within the program.

You, as an administrator, can create the separate users and grant them with the appropriate permissions.

Before launch an Access Management tool, confirm your agreement to proceed in the pop-up message box:

Message of confirmation

The initial page brings you to the users creation tab, but you have to choose the Roles tab firstly and create the name of the role with the specified permissions.

Roles tab

In the edit form which appears after pressing the 'Add' button type the role name , for example 'Manager' and press 'OK' to save it.

Role name in the Edit form

By default, the administrator rights field is checked and to be able to choose the commands (operations), which can be performed by such user you should uncheck it.

You will see the whole operations list with the check-boxes opposite each other.

Provide with users permissions

All marked operations will be accessible. If you put a tick to the fields with the 'View' or 'Enable' checkboxes only the user can only see the following options and cannot performed (changed) them in Store Manager.

If you check 'Modify' checkboxes - the operations can be processed and changed.

Select the positions you need. Press ‘OK’ button to keep your choice.

Return back to the Users tab to create new user for the selected permissions. Click on the ‘Add’ button and fill the fields in the edit form:

Create new User

Make the status of such user account ‘Active’ , so that he could use it.

Select the role you need to be applied to the current user with all permitted operations, which have been previously checked in the Roles tab.

Save current entries by pressing ‘OK’ button.

If you want to check the new user access details , press the top button and select ‘Logout’ position.

Logout position

Confirm your action by clicking on the ‘Yes’ variant in the popup box.

Confirm logout

You'll see the form to login, where need to specify the username and the password, which have been indicated during new user creation in Users tab.

Form to login

You can add as many users and roles as you need and each time when your employees try to enter to the store’s database via Store Manager they will receive the message for login details.

Only registered in the Access Management system users can enter and operate with your store through the application.

You are able also to turn off this option - in the drop-down list choose 'Remove Protection' command.

Remove protection

Please note, this can be possible only if you have the administrative rights.

Use the admin access details to login as an Administrator to the Store Manager and note, the default username and password of the administrative account is admin!

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