Apply Coupon in Order via POS

While using the Point of Sale section (POS) to create an order for the specific customer you are able to apply some discount directly from the POS form.

Open Point of Sale section in Store Manager and fill the form with all necessary information.

Point of Sale section

At the bottom of the window there is the ribbon to discount which can be applied to the order. Before adding, make sure the code is active, the dates are actual and the coupon has ‘published’ status. In other cases, you will receive the following message:

Unable to add coupon

To add necessary value of discount to the order from the available ones press ‘...’ button. It opens preview coupons list.

Coupons list

You can choose one of the listed below variant or add new value:

1) hit ‘Add new coupon’ option in the top toolbar:

Add New Coupon

2) fill the Edit form which appears after pressing:

Edit Coupon form

Take special account to the date of coupon activity (start and expiry) and the coupon type (permanent or gift).

Click on the ‘OK’ to save the entry.

To make the update of the order totals, according to the selected discount press ‘Apply’ button next to the coupon code ribbon.

'Apply' button

The discounted price value you can see in the summary table of the order cost below:

Discounted price value

'Save and Exit' option allows to complete the creation order with discount and exit from POS section.

Create and Close POS

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