3.9. Media Files


In Media Files section you can store and manage images, that can be used for products, categories, manufacturers and vendors.

Media Gallery section

Edit Media File menu makes possible to manage the following options:

  • File published? - check the box to publish or uncheck the box to hide the media.

  • Unique File name - a unique "alias" or name for the media.

  • Displayed image title - some words which you would like to appear when visitors put their cursor over the image

  • Image Alt-Text - type here text that you want a sight-impaired reader to hear to describe this image.

  • Used URL - once you browsed image from specific folder you will see an image URL in this field, with the specified direction in which image is saved on your FTP.

  • Used thumb URL - URL of thumbnail image.

  • Role - Choose "displayable" to allow customers to view the image only,"downloadable" position uses if you want them to be able to download the image or 'for sale' - image that can be used for product selling.

  • Storing location/type - You can select for which section do you want to use image. For example, if you have category "Flowers" and you have uploaded image, where flowers are shown in general, you can select storing location/type - category. In this category you can sell tulips, so once you uploaded image of specific tulip, you can set its storing location "Product",as picture will be used for some product.

Visit the following page to get additional details on Media Files applying:

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