4.4. Orders

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Store Manager for VirtueMart provides the total order management and order solution for your business.

Orders section

You get detailed VirtueMart orders managing, orders' sorting using various filters, order status types managing, maintaining order products, calculating discounts, shipping and payment methods.

It goes without saying that you can print order details, invoices, packing slip - and everything in high gear.

Order section grids

Order Lower Grid

General Information:

Order ID - The unique ID of the order.

Order Number - The unique number assigned by your store for the order.

Secret Key - generate automatically, used to identify an order.

Created on - Date the order was placed.

Order status - You can change the status of the order here. Status is assigned by your store after a customer places an order such as PENDING so you can easily sort the orders for processing. Default statuses are Pending, Confirmed, Cancelled, Refunded, and Shipped.

IP address - IP address from where the order was placed

Order Totals:


Payment Method:

"Bill to" and "Ship to":

"Bill to" address is used to send a customer a bill once an order was placed. The order is shipped and delivered to "Ship to" address.

Ordered Products:

Here you can find ordered products list, you can check the quantity of ordered items, SKU, status, cost price etc.

ordered products tab

Clicking on the necessary field's area the edit mode will be activated.

You can modify the following data:

- quantity - specify the value to change the total amount of the ordered products;

- name - modify the name of the product which is ordered;

- SKU - change ordered product SKU number;

- status - click on the Status row and the drop-down list with all possible variants will be appeared.

Choose the position to which you want to change the existing one:

Status drop-down list

The order status list is formed from the variants which are specified in the Configuration section of Back-End office :

Order status in the Admin

- price - in the columns relate to the price value : cost, base, gross price and tax - can be opened the calculator tool for change the existing value to the another one.

Price columns

- discount - specify the new discount value ;

The 'Total' column is generated automatically based on the data which were indicated in the previous columns

Order History:

From the Order History tab, we know the date and time when the status was changed, whether the customer was notified or not, what status it was changed to (status code only) and the comments we added to the status changes. These are only for viewing, and we cannot change this information.

Orders Section displays all the necessary information in general view. You can set filters and preview particular orders with the help of the filter by "Date", or filter by "Order Status" but don't forget to 'Apply' filters to see the result.

Filter by date

Filter by Order Status

Order Upper Grid

Use Orders Toolbar to perform basic operations:

Orders top toolbar

"Refresh data" - forces list of orders to update.

It is useful when you're changing connection or have any doubts e.g. whether the latest data were displayed or not.

"Create Order" - - allows to create new order via Point of Sale option.

"Edit Order" -- it opens the form for editing below, where you can make changes switching the appropriate tabs (see the point 'Order Lower Grid' ).

Order edit form

"Change Orders Status" - - The order record has a ‘status’ to indicate where the order is in the stream of events – for example, whether it has been paid for, shipped, or canceled. The actual values you use for status are up to you, but by default you are given status values of Pending, Confirmed, Confirmed by the shopper, Cancelled, Refunded, and Shipped.

Change Order Status form

Order placed - customer places an order, bill sent to customer's "Bill To" address

Pending - order goes to pending status if not paid instantly.

Confirmed - order is confirmed on receiving payment from a customer.

Cancelled - when an order is canceled by the shop owner , life cycle of order ends.

Shipped - order shipped to customer's "Ship to" address.

Delivered - products delivered to customer's "Ship to" address.

Customer - customer receives the product , if not satisfied with the product, returns it.

Refund - when a customer returns a product, a refund is made to the customer, the product goes back to inventory.

Current form allows to set the notification for customer and he/she will be emailed with message about order status change by using the appropriate template:

Notify shopper by email

You can "Delete Order" from your store . You won't be able to undo this action unless you've made a Database backup.

"Find Order" is used to launch the search box, in which, depending on the fields specified for the search, you can quickly find your order from a list of all existing ones.

"Send Email" - Email your customers using an appropriate button .

It allows you to compose only text e-mail message to be sent to a customer.

"View in Browser" - you have an opportunity to preview selected order(s) in your browser on the order page (you must have an account to enter in it), view an invoice or delivery note, assigned to this (these) order(s).

"Reports" shows Delivery Slip or Invoice for specific order - find necessary options in the context menu:

Reports in Orders page

As well as you can find Reports option in the top Orders toolbar:

Reports top toolbar


Addons in Orders Page

< - Click this button to export orders to QuickBooks or Print USPS Shipping Labels

In addition, you can get acquainted with the following articles about current sector of Store Manager and operations with orders from the toolbar:

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