4. Export Products


Export products wizard will help you to export your VirtueMart products to comma-separated values file (.csv) which can be easily opened in MS Excel or other application for detailed analysis.

< - To start Export Products procedure you need to click the button that calls the Import/Export Wizard.

< - Or you can use the "Export Grid" button for fast Export as well.

Products Import/Export Wizard is similar to Categories Import/Export Wizard. To export VirtueMart products follow-up several steps listed below:

Export option on Welcome page

Step 1

Select "Export" and click "Next >" button to continue.

You can find Export wizard from the top toolbar or from the context menu :

Export products

Import/export wizard available in the upper sections menu of Store Manager as well:

Import/export products

Step 2

Store Manager can export VirtueMart products to .csv file.

You should enter the file name or select one (using browse button) replace the current file. Here you can also load or save export settings (configuration).

If your file to import is on the FTP server and you have the properly FTP configuration - check the lower checkbox and fill the empty fields :

Upload file via FTP

Make sure you use the correct FTP credentials, in another case you will get the one of the following error messages:

FTP incorrect details

To be able to proceed you should go to the FTP section in Preferences of Store Manager and check the correctness of the FTP details by pressing the test option:

FTP connection test

Or you need to contact your hosting provider to verify your credentials.

Once data is correct and after clicking on the browser button the FTP categories tree appears, specify a directory, where your store is placed with all necessary files, such as tmp, app, media etc.

FTP browse button

'Use Configuration' field allows upload previously saved configuration and thereby facilitate the passage of exporting steps:

Upload saved configuration

Step 3

Fields Delimiter page has some important settings. Check them to ensure proper configuration.

The first option is delimiter character. Most popular delimiters are the comma (,), semicolon (;) and tab character ( ), however other symbols can be used as well.

The export file is usually generated for further import. If the incorrect delimiter is specified during import, the file will not be parsed properly and the products will not be imported. The second option is quote string values. It is used to separate strings in CSV file.

Step 4

The next page of Export Wizard includes Base Formats and separators. They can be set by default.

Step 5

At the next page, you can see some general VirtueMart product export options.

Export image name - is exporting image names as they are in products (database): some_image.jpg when 'AS IS' option is checked. If you select the Full option, image name field will contain URL that can be opened in a browser.

Step 6

On the selection step of export wizard by using the drag-and-drop method or the options in the middle you can move fields between left-right panels to form the list with the data which will be exported :

Select fields to export

I.e., all available fields that can be exported are listed in the left pane. Select fields you want to be exported and click ">" button to move them to the right pane. If you'd like to export all fields simply press ">>".

The order in which columns will be saved in .csv file can be changed. To do this you can move exported columns up and down using the corresponding buttons.

In case you manage the multilingual store and want to transfer products details for each store view choose the group of the appropriate data from the drop-down listing of top option:

Add fields of the appropriate store view

and all data relate to the selected store view will be drop to the right pane at once.

The data of store view

To modify data during export launch the Expression Editor and specify the formula by using the set of SQL statements which returning a single value.

Press the [SQL Help] button to get the integrated SQL help for creation such formula.

Add expression formula

The "Export column title as first row" field should be checked if you want to have the fields name in the first row of exported file, if not - leave this field unchecked.

Attention! When you press the [Export] button, export process will start! You can save all your Export Settings for future export of VirtueMart products or Load the settings you have saved previously.

Go to the next step of the wizard.

Step 7

Preview export file and proceed.

The "Save configuration" area allows place the current export configuration directly in the wizard list or separately to a file by using the following options:

Save export configuration

To remove selected configuration from the list, use the option below:

Option to delete configuration

Choose what action to perform after saving export data:

The actions after export
  • "Nothing" and Wizard will be automatically closed.

  • If you wish to open a directory containing result file, check the corresponding option.

  • "Open result file" allows to see export file opened in Excel.

Check the following guide concerning the basic steps of products export process via Store Manager for VirtueMart:

VirtueMart Export Products