7. Localization


Localization area helps to work with the Store Manager in the language you need.

Go to Settings -> Preferences -> Localization or use 'Ctrl+L' shortcut.

Localization section

In the ‘Localization' form you’ll see a list of the available languages , percentage of their translation and the button for activation below. The following option is available if the language package has not uploaded in Store Manager yet:

Installed and download button

For example, in order to install Spanish language, first of all, download the package from the crowdin.com by pressing the corresponding button and you can see the 'Installed' sign opposite.

Installed sign

Now you can activate the position clicking on the option in the right side below:

Activate selected language

The default language will be changed on the selected one.

The information sign serves for transferring to the translation page where you can see the level of the translation process and can join to the translation into the current language process.

Information sign

Please note, the smaller percentage - more non-translated program’s elements you will see after activation.

The critically low level of the translation is marked in red and we do not recommend to select such positions due to the large amount of the un-translated elements.

Red posiitons

The blue color of the percentages represents the middle level of the translation (from 30 % and higher). Take a note, after selecting one of such positions you will see the incompleteness among the translated components as well.

Blue posiitons

The highest level of the translation is displayed in green.

Green posiitons

Such variants contain elements of the language (options, titles of the windows, operations step names, signatures, etc) translated into the selected language and can be attracted to work in Store Manager.

An active at the current time language is marked with the corresponding sign opposite:

Active position

To refresh the language list - use the button in the left lower corner of the Localization section:

Refresh languages list

Make sure you have selected the necessary localization before exit from the Preferences sector of Store Manager.

Choose Language You Want to Manage Store Manager for VirtueMart in

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