4.2. Shoppers and Shopper Groups

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This section of Store Manager allows managing VirtueMart shoppers: view shopper information, add new shopper or remove unwanted ones.

Shoppers list

General Information:

Shopper ID - for internal use only. ID is a unique VirtueMart shopper identification that cannot be edited.

Shopper Number/ID - This is pre-filled in for your information. If you use website statistics, you can use this number to eliminate your own visits to your VirtueMart store and get a true count of visitors.

Permissions - select here what permissions has certain user. For example: shopper, admin etc.

Receive system Emails - system emails are notifications, usually sent to admins.

Block - enable this checkbox, if you want to block VirtueMart shopper.

Shopper Groups - specify to which group shopper belongs.

Use Additional Information tab to fill such details as: First Name, Last Name, Zip / Postal Code, City, Country, Phone, Mobile Phone.

Pay attention to the field with '*' they are required to fill in.

You can also use Filter by Date to simplify shoppers management:

Filter by Date

To operate data in the VirtueMart shopper section, use the corresponding icons on the toolbar/context menu:

Refresh button

< - [Refresh] the list of shoppers.

- Remove the existing shoppers with the [Delete] button:

- Export data in CSV file, using the [Export Shoppers] button:

< - Export data to Excel/HTML/XML/TXT file, using the Export Grid drop-down menu:

- Send your shopper list by Email, clicking the appropriate button in the toolbar:

- Additional Addons drop-down menu provides with an option of exporting shoppers to QuickBooks and/or to Peachtree:

- Display shoppers’ list in custom report, using the button in the context menu:

- See the complete information about the shopper in one window, pressing the appropriate button on the toolbar:

Custom SQL&#39;s button

Shopper Addresses

Contains the base billing address of the customer and the shipping addresses if any. You can add the shipping address there by clicking on the 'Add...' option and fill the form on the right.

Add new shopper address to the list and &#39;Apply&#39; option

Do not forget to press button for changes uploading.

The highlighted position will be deleted from the address list after pressing the 'Delete Selected' option:

Delete selected address from the Adresses list

Shopper Groups

You can create the additional groups and assign permission levels to these groups. When users register to your site, you assign them to one of the user groups.

Separate sections for groups and shoppers allow easy and fast access to lists of VirtueMart shoppers belonging to different groups.

Shopper-shopper group toolbar

Groups section toolbar menu allows performing the following basic operations:

    1. Refresh the list of groups with the Refresh button.

    2. Add Shopper Group button calls in the blank edit group data form. You can choose to add a new group name in three different languages (English, French and Spanish), define the percentage of reduction value on all the products for the group members as well as determine the price display method.

    3. Edit current groups from the list by double-clicking the selected group name or using the Edit Shopper Group button. The edit group data form allows modifying the existing group name in three different languages (English, French and Spanish), changing the reduction value or price display method.

    4. Remove the selected groups with the [Delete Shopper Groups] button.

    5. Export data to Excel and/or HTML using the [Export Grid] drop-down menu.

    6. Export Shoppers allows you to upload shoppers' data to a separate file of the different formats using the [Export Grid] button. Export options can be launched only by using the top toolbar not the context menu.

Check the following article for more details:

VirtueMart Shoppers and Shopper Groups