3.2. Copy/Paste Products


To copy/paste products you can use toolbar, context menu or drag-and-drop technology. Also these operations can be performed with more than one product at once.

Here are a few ways Store Manager users can perform copy/paste operation:

< - You can use copy/paste icons. First, you have to copy selected product and go to the category you need. When you're posting the product, you're creating a new one with the new ID number and the postfix "- clone" at the product's name.

- You can use drag&drop technology to copy/paste, assign or move your products.

You will see the pop-up list of possible massive operations, during dropping, such as:

Create order with selected product

< - create order with the selected products

Mass product changer

< - mass product changer

Assign categories option

< - assign categories

Delete products option

< - delete selected products

To launch necessary operation just put mouse over the command you want to perform.

To assign products from a list to the appropriate category just highlight them, drag and then just drop on any of the category names. You'll see exactly the same method to copy products' list.

You may select from:

  • [Assigning Products] to current category - when you're pasting a product in current category, you're making some changes to the product you copied, not creating a new one),

  • [Move Products] - Moving products to current category option - this method will remove products from the first category (where they were copied from), and will assign to current category.

< - To clone selected products, use the corresponding button on the toolbar.

It is actually like copy/paste buttons' combination. When you press it, selected products will be copied and placed within the same category with the new ID number and to their name will be added the post-fix - "clone" name. Using this option you can accelerate the process of copying and pasting.

The last program's update allows cloning the products with the child positions as well. For instance, there are two art subjects - the first is a simple one and the second - the item with the child products.

To be able to clone all these positions - select them on Product page of Store Manager and press the option in the top toolbar:

Clone products with child positions

You need to confirm your further actions by pressing [Yes] in the next pop-up messages regarding:

  • Selected products - >

Clone selected products
  • Their elements - >

Confirmation message on cloning child products

You can see all products with all details cloned and added to the current list:

Cloned products are added to the Products list

Check the following guide on the copy/paste/clone operations with the VirtueMart item positions - it can be informative for you as well:

Copy and Clone VirtueMart Products