4.5. Point of Sale

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To improve order management and business performance, in general, you can use a new opportunity in Customers & Orders sector of Store Manager for VirtueMart - a Point of Sale option.

It is convenient that the order is created instantaneously, as a result of scanning barcodes of the products through customized barcode scanner or by manually, adding the desired product(s) via the search field in the POS window. To be able to scan barcodes of your store products you should go to Settings section of Store Manager and press Barcode Scanner position. Choose one of two conditions there.

By default, the scanner is configured as a keyboard. It is enough to scan the barcode and get the detailed information about the scanned product in the window of POS.

If you choose the second option of the scanner settings - 'Handle as barcode scanner'

and select the appropriate device from the list of available ones, the scanner will implement some operations depending on the sector of Store Manager, which is currently opened.

The products, which codes were read by the scanner, display in the list automatically. That is not required to choose each time a separate product and press 'Enter' button to add another one.

To launch POS option go to Store tab of Store Manager and choose from the Customer & Orders section the appropriate feature.

Create New Order via POS option

The POS window consists of the following sectors:

POS sectors

The first (1) allows you to add products to order using the search function. In order to do this, click on the 'Search' button and find from the drop-down list the required one(s).

Double-clicking on this product and it will appear in the table (2) (see the image above). You should press 'Enter' button on your keyword and stay on the field you want to edit.

For example, one click on the 'Enter' button and you can manually change the quantity of the ordered product(s),

double-clicking 'Enter' button - the price of the selected product(s) can be changed and so on.

In the 'Field to search in' you can mark the search options. In order to do this, press the appropriate button

and check required parameters from the drop-down list.

If selected product is assigned to a specific shopper, information about him displays in the right pane of the POS window - in the 'Customer Info' sector (3).

You can make changes to shipping or billing addresses of this shopper by clicking the edit button .

If you want to attach the new shopper to the selected product(s), you should click on 'New Customer' button and specify the required data in the fields of the form that will appear.

It consists of two tabs: basic information about the customer (shopper) - username, email, password, shopper groups etc. and actual shopper’s addresses. Please note, the fields marked with asterisks are mandatory!

The next section of POS function are delivery and payment settings for the appropriate product's acquisition (4). To be able to set available fields of this sector activate the editor form .

In the delivery field select the delivery method from the drop-down list of existing ones,

provide an additional payment for the selected delivery condition (specify the price, at which delivery will be free and indicate taxes, if any).

Do the same manipulations in the shipping field - from the suggested drop-down list of shipping ways, specify the required one. If you are not sure that you see the complete list of all payment options, click the ‘Refresh’ button (see the image below):

Indicate other payment values (i.e. tax rules, the cost of fee). Click the appropriate button and you can see the list of available variants of the order status. Please choose the suitable one.

Note, this field is required when you are creating an order.

There are price indicators at the bottom of the POS window (5) - the total column of the order price with discounts, taxes if any have been specified in other sectors of the order creating.

If the shopper, making an order, take advantage of a special offer or a discount coupon the next field will appear:

Apply coupon code

Choose discount you want to use for current order from a list of all available at the store coupon codes. Selected value will be applied in the appropriate coupon field.

Coupon code in the field

There are also additional options (6):

Lower options in POS

- the function of calculator performs a 'Cash & Change' button,

- in order to quickly find necessary products helps 'Search Product' button,

- to create an order when all settings are made allows 'Create & Stay', 'Create & Exit', 'Create & Print' options,

- 'Scanner Settings' serves to apply barcode scanner in Store Manager and automatically add products code to an order by using the appropriate mode:

Scanner Settings

- 'Help' option redirects your request through your browser to the helpful documentation about POS function to assist you work with this opportunity of Store Manager.

Help option

If the order is created, you can close the POS option by clicking the [Exit] button in the lower right corner of the POS window or just pressing [Esc] key on your keyboard.

If necessary you can find the following article on Point of Sale option in Store Manager for VirtueMart at this link:

Enhance Order Management with VirtueMart Point of Sale