How to upload Custom SQL during products import


First of all prepare the formula for data customization.

Open the Custom SQL section of Store Manager. You can create the extended formula by using the Custom Editor auxiliary options or upload it from the external source (from a file):

Add or Upload SQL

To be able to associate SQL with the import products process choose the appropriate type from the drop-down list in the upper toolbar:

Linked to product import

Once the formula is uploaded and saved you can proceed with the importing. Launch the Import Products Wizard pressing the option above:

Import/Export Wizard

Pass through the import steps till the Import Options stage where you can see the after-import actions' checkboxes. The necessary SQL command's name should be seen in the available list .

Mark with the tick the appropriate variant to activate the formula during the current process.

Link SQL command during importing

Move to the next steps to be able to complete the import.

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