2.3. Export Categories


Currently, there is no option to export categories from Store Manager for VirtueMart, but we are working on the implementation of this possibility in the future.

Meantime you can use export product wizard and transfer your categories with store products at once.

Launch the Export/Import Product Wizard and choose the required operation.

Specify the path where your exported data will be listed - locally or on the FTP server. Click the [Next] button to continue exporting.

Export file name

Set the fields delimiters on the second step of export or leave these settings as they are.

Select fields delimiters

The next page - "Base Formats" - includes Base date and time Formats and corresponding separators. They can be set by default if you use the appropriate button in this window.

Base formats

On the "Export Options" step, you have an opportunity to specify what symbol serves as a separator between categories in category path.

Export category separator

The "Select Fields to Export" step:

Assign category columns
Drop button

You should select the column with products' (name, ID or SKU) to be able to continue exporting and columns, relating to the Category fields in your store database, choose the button to drop them to the right.

Press [Export] to see the data that was exported on the previous step.

Preview export data

Save export configuration directly in the wizard or separately to a file to have an opportunity to use it for the next export processes.

If you choose "Open result file", you will be able to see the file with exported data after export:

Category tree exported