2. Proxy settings


Users often use FTP to transfer files uploaded on their servers. To access the FTP proxy server you should be connected to the internet or network and specify FTP address, user name and password.

Preferences section

The access to the server using HTTP is typically used for websites. When you connect to the FTP server you use the server-file (ie, you do not see anything there except the files); if you connect to the HTTP server you get the

access to the Web server that is can load the web page in the browser.

Using the FTP connection can download and upload files to the server, whereas the HTTP connection can only download the content from the internet for viewing, that is so-called "read-only" method.

Proxy sector

In 'Proxy' sector of Store Manager that is located in Preferences you can select the type of proxy connection, which the most suits you to work with your store database, specify the required values in the appropriate fields and

click 'OK' button to save the settings and exit from this sector.

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