How to perform Manufacturers Management?

This Section allows you to configure your Virtue Mart store at the Manufacturers Level. General layout of this page is as follows: this option shows you the list of product manufacturers and their data organized in tables. You may define manufacturers of your products here to bring as much information to your customer as you can. You can add, edit, delete manufacturer info, specify its URL, description, image and much more information to make your site more trust-worthy.

To perform basic operations you can use Manufacturers tool-bar:

Or use any of Manufacturers context menu.

"Refresh data"- - forces list of manufacturers to update. It is useful when you're changing connection or have any doubts e.g. whether were the latest data displayed or not.

"Add new manufacturer"- - calls blank Edit Manufacturer form, which is used to create a new manufacturer in a Zen Cart store.To edit manufacturer you can double click on it or press

"Edit manufacturer" - button. It calls Edit Manufacturer form for selected product. Please see below for options.

You can "Delete Selected Manufacturer" - . You won't be able to undo delete this action, unless you've made a Database backup.

Edit manufacturer

To edit VirtueMart product manufacturer:

Enter/Edit the manufacturer name - this field is required.

You may also enter Manufacturer URL or email in order to make it more convenient to use.

Enter the your Description

and assign the Images, using Media Gallery.

Using top images' toolbar you can perform the following operations:

- upload images from the local drive on your PC - ;

- upload images from the external source (http URL) - ;

- add new images .

It calls an edit form, where you can:

- assign name for new image, specify URL paths for uploading full and thumbnail images in the appropriate fields of this form; define the role of the newly formed images from the following variants:

  • for sale, to display product on the website of the store, for downloading images. Simply check the necessary one.

The corresponding button - - allows to choose necessary media files from the store media gallery.

'Edit current image' button calls the same form as the 'Add new media' button, where you can make necessary adjustments in the current image.

To remove images from media gallery of your store click the appropriate button in the top menu of images tab - .

The corresponding button calls image settings section where you can make basic configuration for the image display.