2.1. Basic Operations

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Comfortable for your shoppers' category tree makes your Store user-friendly and tilts the balance to the balance to the advantage of your products.

To perform basic operations, like adding a new top level or new subcategory, editing selected category, deleting selected ones, use:

  • VirtueMart Categories toolbar - >

Category's toolbar
  • or context menu - >

Category context menu
Add buttons

1. [Add new top level category] calls blank the "VirtueMart Edit category" form, which is used to create a new category.

2. To add a new subcategory to the selected one, press the corresponding button on the VirtueMart Categories toolbar.

Stock subcategory

< - For example, we created a new subcategory "stock". After pressing the [OK] button to save changes, we have got a new subcategory "stock" in the main category "Others".

Delete button

3. You can [Delete selected category] and its subcategories from your store .

Pay attention, when there are three options available under [Delete selected categoty]:

Delete variants

4. [Quick Delete] - remove only selected categories, but not their products.

5. [Safe Delete] - delete only selected categories and only products from selected ones.

6. [Normal Delete] - delete VirtueMart categories altogether, including their products and subcategories.

Note: If you have products assigned to multiple X-Cart categories they will be removed not only from selected category but from the store completely!

Up and down arrows

< - Using up and down arrows in the toolbar, you can change the position of the selected category in the category tree.

Reorder button

< - Using up and down arrows in the toolbar, you can change the position of the selected category in the category tree.

Clicking the [Reorder products in selected category] button to drag-and-drop selected products to change their order. Use the top options to move products between positions:

Reorder Products form

7. To copy necessary categories and paste them in another position in the category tree of your store follow such steps:

  • Select categories and subcategories you want to copy and click the appropriate button. The following window will appear:

Check one or two submitted ways:

  • Check the first field to copy the category(ies) with subcategory(ies) (this doesn't apply to products which are placed in them).

  • Select the second field to copy the category(ies) with the content, i.e. products that includ them.

  • You can choose two conditions at once and click the [OK] button to apply changes.

To paste copied to the clipboard categories, you should select the position in the category tree of your store where you want to place them and click the [Paste] button on the toolbar.

To find the category from the existing at the store, use the [Search] option located on the top toolbar:

Search category button

Check the guide about the basic operations with Categories list in Store Manager for VirtueMart:

VirtueMart Category Management