3.5. Product Filters and Views


You can configure the way your products are displayed at the main Products page. Please find the following buttons and fields at the end of Products Toolbar:

Filter option is actually the one that is responsible for the products' view on the page. You can select from three filter types, specified in a drop-down:

Filter by Selected Categories

You can see all the products from the category you've selected in the Categories section. No additional sorting options are available, only standard column sorting.

Preview products by selected categories

Also, you can show all products or select the filter to see products without category.

You can create your own search criteria. To do that, press 'Find Product' button or 'Add products filter' button in the context menu.

Find product options

You can also choose 'Find product' action, clicking on the right button of your mouse on the selected product.

Find Product option

Determine the required text in the search field and click on the 'Create filter' button to form the custom product filter, based on the current criteria.

Create product filter

The type value of your custom filter in the 'Product Filter Name' field and press 'OK' button. Now, you can see additional criteria in the filter's drop-down menu:

Filter by 'Product'

You can view the images to the products directly in the products grid on the product page. This field displays a thumbnail media file of the product.

Preview images in Products list

In order to edit the specific image, you should go to the 'Images' tab and use the top toolbar of this sector.

Images tab in Products Lower Grid