6.1 Image Watermark

Add watermark to your product images to protect them on the web space.

Before proceed prepare a file with the watermark on your PC - it should be openable and accessible on the PC.

Then, go to Preferences - Image Settings section and choose the Image Watermark .

The following form will be opened:

Image Watermark form

The fields are inactive by default and to be able to fill them check the option in the top:

Add image watermark

It activates the possibility to add watermark to your product images.

Find the necessary file destination and specify the filename with your company logo.

Filename field

By helping with special lower options you can adjust the image's watermark in the desired position.

Additional Settings for Watermark

Specify the following information to the additional settings fields:

- opacity - set up the percentage of watermark opacity . By default is set to 50 percentages. You can increase/reduce this value by helping with the scrolling buttons:

-horizontal/vertical align - these values determine the location of the images watermark within the specified parameters.

Choose from the drop-down lists desired variants. For example, on the right side and at the bottom of the image. In the preview form, which is presented below, you can see how the watermark will look like on the image background (see an illustration above).

- Set scale of the Watermark in - set percentage of the watermark to the product image - the smaller percentage, the more accurate sign will be displayed in the picture.

All settings made in this form will be immediately shown in the preview area below. You can monitor your actions before them finally save.

Please note, current changes will apply only to the new images of products which will be added to the store database after that.

If you want the watermark is presented for all pictures at the store - you need to overwrite the products with the existing images.

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