2.4. Import Categories


You can import categories during the process of import products.

First of all, prepare your file to import - verify if there are necessary fields with the data. In the "Category" column in the file check the correctness of the category path. They should be separated by a pipe "|".

See an example of a file to import below:

Example of file to import

That means, that the product, for example, with SKU 13SBWM46 is placed in the category "Display" and subcategory "Accessories", the pipe symbol "|" serves as a separator, the product with SKU 3SB4660HDI is in the "Display" main category and its subcategories: "Projectors" 2-nd level and "Home Theatre" 3-rd level.

Such category tree in the Store Manager should look like this:

Category tree

When the file to import is openable and ready for processing, go to Main Product Page of Store Manager and find the relevant option to launch the import/export products Wizard in the top or context menu:

Import wizard

On the first page, please choose the import variant and specify the corresponding file to import. Use the browse button to facilitate the search of the file.

Specify file to import

On the "Options" page there is the "Categories Options" section, where you have an opportunity to choose the necessary identification method for categories import:

Options Page
  • Iif you have full category path in the file to import, you should check the first variant of this section.

  • If your category path consists of the Categories Names only (as on the example above), you should check the second variant.

  • If you have the category ID in your file to import, check the third one.

Please pay attention to the separator between the categories - it should be the same as your file to import. As in the example above, the "|" serves as a separator.

Categories separator

< - Specify the separator in the corresponding field.

Also, you can choose the default category from the Store Manager's category tree where the products without categories will be transferred from the file.

Provided that the category is not represented at your store, during the import process, it will be added automatically.

Please note, if you import categories with images, be sure to mark the relevant checkbox on the page "Options", as shown on the picture:

Upload images

Do not forget to link the columns with categories name and categories images to the corresponding fields of the file, so that they could be imported correctly.

Link categories columns

After this, you will pass to the page, where can view or edit the base date and time formats and values separators . You can leave this page by default.

On the "Preview Import" page you will be able to see the fields, which were linked and should be imported.

Import preview

You can also specify selected rows to import.

Specify rows to import

In order to have an opportunity to use the current import configuration the next time, you may save it to a separate file, as well as, directly in the wizard, using the following options:

Save import configuration

Click [Import] to start the process.

In the last window of VirtueMart, Import Products Wizard will be shown if any errors occurred during import.

Consider to the following page on the Import Categories process to get some additional details:

VirtueMart Import Categories

Assign VirtueMart Products to Necessary Categories Having Category IDs in the File