1. Email Settings


Email Settings section in Store Manager serves to configure emails delivery by using for this Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP).

Go to 'Preferences' and choose the 'Email Settings' field.

In the simple form you should specify only an Email address for notifications and password. By clicking the button below, you can check the correctness of this settings.

When you did not receive the test message to your email perhaps you do not have configured SMTP connection. Click 'Switch to Advanced Settings' button, where you can indicate the SMTP name and server port.

You can also set manually mail send delay in minutes, number of attempts to send the email in case of problems with connection and you can even specify the number of days, during which the current mail address will be

stored in the email queue section of Store Manager.

In the right side of this form are contained the fields for authentication. Authentication is required whenever the recipient's email is not on the same local domain as a sender (ie, need to send from user@emagicone.com to

user@company.com, provided that emagicone.com and company.com use different servers for email correspondence).

When you placed a check-mark in the check-box next to the 'Use SMTP Authentication' field you have to enter your login (SMTP user) and password. Your login name can be your account name or account@domain or

domain\account and so on. SMTP password as your email password.

Check 'Require secure authentication' box if you require secure authentication when connecting to your SMTP server.

In most cases, you should leave this field unchecked.

The easiest way to verify the correctness of email settings - it send a letter to yourself.

Please specify in the 'Send test email to' field your own email address and click 'Check Settings and Send Test Email' button.

If the message is in your mailbox click 'OK' button to save current configuration and exit this section.

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