5. Receipt Options

Since the last Store Manager's update (i.e. starting from the version 1.11.0:Build 879) there is a possibility to print a receipt for the order. The main Settings form with the necessary fields you can reach by following such

way in the program: Settings - Preferences - Receipt Options :

Receipt options

Activate the printing of the receipts by checking the appropriate checkbox and connect printer with the Store Manager - select the printer from the list which appears after pressing the arrow button:

Print receipt checkbox

Make sure the printer is acceptable at your computer.

The receipt can be the such of size (format):

Receipt format

Click on the 'OK' button to keep the changes.

Now you can go to the Orders page of Store Manager and select an order which you want to print the receipt for:

Receipt from orders page

Press the button in the top toolbar to preview the Receipt and print it:

Receipt preview

In addition, in Point of Sale section of Store Manager you are able to print the receipt for the current order directly. An extra option is appeared in lower tools:

Scanner Settings extra option

Click on the button to see the Settings page of the receipt. Check the settings details before printing.

If you have any questions - we will gladly provide you with the necessary information just contact with our Support Center.

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