4.1.Taxes & calculation rules


The discounts and taxes are equated with each other in VirtueMart. They are considered as the price modifier.

Look at this screenshot to see how you can manage 'tax & calculation rules' in VirtueMart with Store Manager:

Taxes and calculatiob rules

You can perform the basic operations by using the top toolbar or context menu, which you can call with the right-mouse clicking on the Rules page:

Taxes and Rule area in Store Manager

Add / Edit rule option calls the form, where you can specify or modify the basic information concerning discount condition:

Add or Edit Rules

Lets see what options we can manage in "Edit Tax & Calculation Rule" menu:

General Information:

  • Calculation ID - for internal use only. ID is a unique tax identification that cannot be edited.

  • Published - you can tick this checkbox, if rule works or leave blank, if it does not work. Can be used for seasonal changes in prices, for example, the sale before the holidays or alternatively to slightly raise prices before the New Year.

  • Calculation Rule Name - Enter a descriptive name for the tax, so you and customers can understand it.

  • Description - used to describe the rules.

  • Ordering - you can use this option to set the order in which the rule applies.

  • Type of Arithmetic Operation - select the type of tax you are required to collect OR discount you will give. Choices are: tax per product, price modifier before or after tax, tax per bill, price modifier before or after tax per bill. Consult your accountant or lawyer or taxing authority if you are unsure. Otherwise, select tax per product.

  • Math Operation - Do not forget that we deal with the rules of goods price modification, and therefore, we have the opportunity to choose from these options: plus, minus, % plus, % minus

  • Value - the amount of the tax, expressed as a percentage. Example, 6.25 means 6.25%.

  • Currency - currency according to which the rule will be working.

  • Shopper groups - with this field you can apply a discount or tax only to a specific group of shoppers.

  • Visible for Vendor -VirtueMart has multi-vendor feature, which allows site owners to create a multi vendor online store where each registered user will be able to offer their products for sale. Option "Visible for vendor" allows to display, or not display specific rule to the vendor.

  • Visible for Shopper - tick this checkbox,if you want this rule to be displayed to your customers.

  • Starts - since this date the rule will be active. May be useful in the case of new laws or in the presence of law seasonal fees.

  • Expires - after that day the rule stops working.

You may also assign rule to one or a few product categories:

You can also send to the trash selected Rule record(s) if it(they) is(are) unused or outdated by clicking on the option for removal in the top toolbar or from the context menu:

Delete Rules

You will get the following message to confirm your current action:

Taxes and Rules Confirmation Deletion

Manage the taxes and rules records at your store by helping with the toolbar options of the current section.

Check the page for additional information regarding this theme:

VirtueMart Taxes and Calculation Rules