How to make the task scheduled in Store Manager


To be able to make some tasks in Store Manager scheduled move to the Addons section and press 'Show scheduled task' form.

Show scheduled task form

If such form is empty you can add the task previously created it in the appropriate form. To perform this, press 'Add task' option and the Scheduler form appears.

Add Task

Fill the fields with the necessary details:

    1. Task name - specify the name of the task which is creating. As for example, we try to add the task on products importing from the QuickBooks:
Task Name field

2) Task type - select a type which corresponds to the task area created above. That is, if we add the task on importing products from QB, it is advisable to select the appropriate type from the drop-down list:

Task Type field

3) Task configuration - the current field is empty if you haven’t performed such kind of operations before. Press ‘Create or Modify Configuration’ option to launch the appropriate wizard and be able to save the configuration:

Task Configuration field

Will run the appropriate wizard in which you should go through the basic steps of the selected process to the page for saving:

Save configuration button

Now, you are able to see and choose the necessary configuration file in the ‘Task configuration’ field:

Task Configuration list

4) Next checkboxes related to the bridge type of connection and should be marked.

Get-post fields available

In case you are using the direct type of connection the appropriate conditions will be unavailable:

Get-Post Unavailable

5) For reporting, you can specify the recipients' email addresses who will get an auto-message in their e-boxes once the task is already run and completed.

Separate them by using semicolon or comma as in the example below:

Send email to ...field

6) The next area related to the schedule settings details where you can choose the period of the scheduling, time of task performance and its repeatability, if necessary:

Schedule Configuration area

Do not forget to save the record - click on the ‘OK’ button at the bottom of the form. You will see current task in the Scheduled Tasks list now:

Show Scheduled Tasks list

You can add any task which corresponds to the type from the certain drop-down list:

Task type list